Answers to our most frequently asked questions.....

Q: I just ordered pictures, when will I receive them?
A: Due to staffing shortages and COVID related supply chain disruptions, our lab is currently operating on a 14-Day order fufillment schedule. Framed photos and Plaques may take longer.

Q: I received my order, but it was damaged in shipment.
How do I get it replaced?

A: Please complete a “Damaged Order” form.  The information need includes the originally order number, the specific item damaged, and the type of damage.

Q:  I received a part of my order, where is the rest of it?
A:  Orders are shipped as one package when possible, however framed photos, plaques, and large prints may be shipped separately.  If you have received a part of your order, please wait at least 3 days before contacting us about missing pieces.

Q:  How do I find my band/corps members photos? 
A:  Locate your event using our search tab or by selecting the event category and locating your specific event. Then you select your school/group from the dropdown menu.
For most events, we do not have a way to identify individuals by name, and you will have to search the event by your school or group name.  If the event was a Band Photo Day, then you will be able to search the event by your student’s name.

Q:  Do you have pictures from previous years or events?
A:  We have all photos from events that we have photographed from 2013 to present day available on our website.  For Images from events prior to 2013, please contact Lifetouch, Inc. 

Q:  How do I place an order?
A:  Go to "How to Order" by clicking here.

Q:  How do I order a Memory Mate? (Only available when you have a Group photo and a Portrait/Action shot)
A:  Go to "How to Order" by clicking here.

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